Thursday, January 24, 2008

Omnibus Edition One.

Or: More damn Moreland Audio than you ever could have (would have) asked for. Some of this stuff has been posted before and some has not. One thing is for sure though, playing almost exclusively at the EARL every month and a half is why we became such roc-starz. The Star Bar show was opening for Copa Vance. Maybe a recording of their set is floating around. Hmmm. One of the EARL shows (I think 9/6/02) was a chunklet release party, and another was opening for Ocelot. I would have to listen to every single track one more time to be more specific and Hebrew Elvis is tellin' me "no way, man."

MA 1/17/02 @ the EARL (previously posted)

MA ?/?/02 @ the EARL (incorrectly dated 1/18/01...I have no idea)

MA 8/29/02 live @ the EARL

MA 9/6/02 live@ the EARL

MA first show/MJQ 9/6/01 (previously posted)

MA live @ the Star Bar 7/12/02

MA last show EARL 7/19/03 (previously posted)

Word 'em up. Happy 1/24/08. Don't forget, Noot D'Noot opens for Anna Kramer and Selmanaires at the EARL on 1/26/08.



Louis Howe said...

Is this a dare? Are you daring me to download all these MA live sets? Cause I'll do it. I'm fuckin' crazy, man. You don't even know.

Anonymous said...

Picture young Dice Man there saying, "Did I ever tell you these tomatoes look-like-your-tits?!"

h2o said...

Do I get paid (or credit at least) for recording all these fuckers?