Thursday, November 29, 2007


Almost forgot about Copa Vance in the String Theory post. They were on that comp as well. All good friends of mine and some bandmates at one time or another. Rick Moore/Bruce Bohannon/Alan Chastain/Lee Corum. Guitar Sing/Guitar Sing/Bass/Drums. They were very, very, very loud. It's hard to believe that Rick has actually turned down in the ensuing years.

Here's their track.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Strang(e) Theory

Back in the day, which in today's terms means about five years ago, Pat Foley and John Somebody (sorry, I'm bad with names) started having benefit shows for a comp cd they were working on called "String Theory." Everything was recorded at Shangrila studios by Will Nameescapesme. I ended up being in two bands that were on the comp: A good Horse and Moreland Audio.

A Good Horse was Daniel Clay's band. I say that because he really wrote all of the compositions. The band consisted of me on saxophone, Daniel on Guitar, Robbie Handley on bass, Nat Slaughter on bass, and Jamie Shepard on drums. I will post more AGH shortly that also includes additional members Bryan Fielden on drums and Gordon Vernick on trumpet. This track from string theory is some of my favorite music ever, but shortly after it was recorded Daniel didn't want to do it anymore. Jeez least don't stop the solo stuff. I had a 102 degree fever the day this was recorded (in the summer.)

Moreland Audio was me on guitar and baritone guitar, Gary Flom from Purkinje Shift on guitar and lap steel and Adam Overton on drums and laptop metronome. Due to a tuner malfunction our track was tuned a half step up from the usual tuning. I was playing baritone guitar. The end of this track came from us fucking around in practice trying to duplicate a skipping cd player in our music.

For some reason Will did not want the musicians to be around when the music was mixed and I'll have to say publicly that that is completely insane. It makes me love Westside Red even more.

The two tracks are

this way

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Back before I went off in this particular musical direction, which may not be particularly discernible by the odd collection of music here, I was a card carrying punk. Germs, F.U.s, Misfits (ew boy) etc...ONLY. Around 1992 I was living in Home Park near GA Tech (though not attending) and within the next few years I ended up running into the guys that would form Barrel. I only bring it up because after hearing Barrel straight up punk rock did not seem so interesting anymore, and I wanted to find out how they got their particular sound. I was in a punk band at the time (Habeas Corpses) and it wasn't long after I heard Barrel that we all decided to call it quits. Barrel consisted of Rick Moore/Andrew Burnes/ David Daniell/ Scott Robbins.Guitar-sing/Guitar-hair/Bass-couch surfing/Drums-flat top. Maybe some day Rick will mp3ify their album for me, or maybe he'll give you one. In the meantime I'm posting links to their tracks from the "Compatibility of Dissonance" compilation...maybe from 1995? I believe it was the last stuff they ever recorded. So Rick, if you read this, the only person to blame for my artfaggotry is yourself! Would zip files of all this stuff be better? Anybody.

Barrel Tracks This Way

Monday, November 26, 2007

Please Don't Tell the Avant Garde

In addition to strumming the geetar my main job in life is honking on the saxophone (more on that later.) I was in a very short lived group with keith leslie (percussion) and daniel clay (guitar.) I think it lasted from 2005-2005. We played two shows: one in Baltimore to 4 people and one in atlanta. The one in atlanta was in an abandoned warehouse next to eyedrum. I had myself and Daniel convinced that we were going to contract avian flu from playing there. Daniel moved to Maine for a while and when he returned did not want to play this stuff anymore. To this day I cannot figure out why (let me know.) We recorded an album's worth of stuff with decatur engineer Ben Price...and here is the link to the mediafire file:


I was in a group with Daniel called A Good Horse (his group) and I'll post that stuff soon too if I can get the thumbs up.

Links to Past Performances

So I'm finally going to use this blog. I figured that if I'm going to go nuts posting files of old performances (maybe new) on mediafire, then I should have the links all in one place.

Here they are:

The Purkinje Shift final show (2000)

The Moreland Audio final show (2003)

more coming soon...and I feel like complaining a lot lately so if you're interested, I'm about to start using this bitch.