Wednesday, February 27, 2008

porn orchard track sixx

fixxed. it's the most punk rock of all of them too. okay, don't leave comments, we're cool. no, i get's like a tough "man" thing. hey iknow ladies have that shit cued up too... oh yeah. what?

Credit Crunch

As Henry Owings pointed out in a comment below, I neglected to give him credit for recording all of those Moreland Audio shows. He probably got all of the shows for us too. He was also paid in full with burly man-love for his services. Give the man props, he's been instrumental in A LOT of good things in two Georgia cities and is now gettin er done around the world.

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Be sure to check out the Raleigh hardcore video and Danzig ad.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


motherfucking Orchard. Think about Athens, GA in 1986. "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." Some people did not feel fine. Porn Orchard, Barbeque Killers and Jack-o-Nuts come to mind. It just did not sound like the rest of the college radio me-too stuff that was coming out at the time. Yes about twenty people in GA listened to Black Flag then and it's evident in the music.

Around that time my sister was going to UGA and got into the Athens rock scene. She picked up the first Porn Orchard demo cassette, "Hit The Right People Hard," and gave it to me as a birthday present (I think.) It was a life changing event for me and about five other people that grew up in Toccoa, GA. I was in seventh grade at the time. I remember thinking that if some college dudes an hour away from me could come up with this kind of music that "it is fucking possible." It hasn't happened yet in the twenty odd ensuing years, but I still think that it is fucking possible.

Though I enjoyed the prog trio that they became, their first cassette will always be one of the biggest influences on my life...

RIP Ted Hafer...singer and former owner of The Grit
Curtis Pernice now plays guitar with Vic Chestnutt.
Sam Mixon (drums) performs solo music in addition to his professional career.
Ron Hargrove (bass) at last report owned a gas station in North Carolina.

download won't be sorry.

Hit The Right People Hard

one more mach and people would be clamoring for a ride...

It's been a month since my boredom induced blogging fury subsided. All I have left that is not in need of digital conversion (of my own stuff) is le free jazz and whilst I know it's not for everyone, I'm going to end up posting it soon anyway. In the mean time, Erik Herndon from Hell Mach 4 is the only person so far who has responded to my call for music. Come on boys and girls, people actually download this stuff...more than three people...I promise.

Anyway>>>Hell Mach4. Erik teaches guitar at the same music store that I teach out of now and it was a nice surprise to see somebody from back when walk in the door. I say that, but to be honest I never really new much about them. I played a show with them and saw them play several times, but they definitely slipped under my radar at the time (a very easy thing to do.) They also had some longevity, as I heard them practicing as recently as about 2 years ago. Oh yeah, I shared a practice space with them too. Hey Warren, I was the jerkhole who played your amp without asking...sorry. That's what I do. Be a jerkhole...I mean. What was put in my hand was a live recording from le Star Bar (feeling French today (wouldn't that be a great band name...feeling French?)) and I'm assuming it's later rather than earlier in their lifespan. Thanks for the recording Erik.

keep going this way>>>>>>>>>because the recording is here

now come on everyone else...current or old....recordings.....jheesh!!!