Friday, December 7, 2007

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Doh! I mean Pine, Cotton, Sand...or is it Pine AND Cotton, Sand. I already can't remember. Well anyway, David Daniell sent the Barrel lp to me and one of those phrases is its title. He took it straight off of the 180 gram virgin vinyl so there are a few pops and scratches if you're scared of that sort of thing. I think it was recorded by the dude that recorded Engine Kid...somewhere up and to the right. There's nothing else to say other than it rocks hard. I guess I guess I could also say that it's hard to find bands in Atlanta using 2 marshall half stacks and an SVT. Nobody uses the manamps anymore (as far as I know and that's not saying much.)

Here they are:

Barrel lp

Oh yeah, I don't think the vinyl is available anywhere. Once it is I'll post a link to it (probably to Stickfigure.)

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of someone who shall remain nameless, who, upon mis-hearing of the gid tanner song "corn licker still", thought it was a reference to an unknown-to-her hillbilly rock, paper, scissors: corn, liquor, steel.