Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Cleaning out the spam and preparing a bunch of stuff to upload on the 2 year anniversary of my last post. That PS vidja is a comin'.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This was Atlanta.

will it ever happen again?
The current boner don't count.

check it.

Neon Christ 1985

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh yeah: Oh No part II.

This is from the last Habeas Corpses show ever. Not much of a crowd, not much response, but if you watch through to the last line...well I'm kind of biased towards my own humor. I have at least matured about five years in the fifteen that have elapsed since this performance.

Again, many thanks to Somber Steve for being there then and now.

Singers, songwriters, bulldykers...

Scratch that last word...injoke central. A few good friends of mine fit into the singer/songwriter "genre," so I figured I'd post a few tracks of theirs to get the blog ball rolling again. The first batch is from a guy who will not allow me to post these songs under his real name. He goes by the name "Atlas Mason," and though he will probably punch me for saying it, he write from the Tom Waits bag (but with an expanded harmonic sense.) I played with Atlas on some of the other files available for download here...can you guess who it is? Go for it>>>>> Atlas Mason sampler

...and then there is Daniel Clay: former high school mate of Bimbi "Smoofus" Garreaux, theologian, boat builder, furniture designer, incredible guitarist etc. I am usually not a fan of the singer/songwriter thing but Daniel's stuff really draws me in and also...the lyrics are married to the music. Nothing's forced. You'll love it. Here are a few tacks from his new cd "The Protestant." Look for it at the usual places.

D Clay here

I keep saying it, but I have much more to post and I broke the 2000 download milestone a long time ago so some surprises are in the works. beedeebeedeebeedee.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh No.

Oh yes. Habeas Corpses was the only band I was ever in before Purkinje Shift if you can believe it. This was recorded at the Beer Olympics in NYC about fifteen years ago (back before Richard could grow a beard) by our good friend Somber Steve. Steve says he has more coming so we'll see.
Band Members:
Ben Corpse: Guitar/Sing
Mike Murder: Hit
Richard B. Xanax: Bass (the "b" stood for blue)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Witty Lay Down Mains Reference Here.

Remember when Rick Moore and Lee Corum from Lay Down Mains were fresh faced young men with a gleam in their collective eye and the world by the tail? Yeah, I don't either. But I do remember when they were just a two piece band instead of the three piece face rocker offer that they are today (since Dave Down Lains joined.) I just read a blog that Rick posted about the delay of their CD release so I figured now would be a good time to post a sampling from their two fisted days. They went to Nashville and recorded with David Axelrod who was in the great Atlanta band Mock Heroic (who has those cds by the way?.) No not the David Axelrod who is Barack Obama's close consultant...the other one. Anyway, they got into the studio, put their rock and roll pee-pees together and this demo was born. I have forgotten what they call most of their songs so some had to be made up by yours truly. Let me know the titles guys.
here 'tis.
check out their current line up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>here

...and then there was their four piece day.